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                            CheeseBeefChickenShrimpMushroomSpinachSteakGrilled Chicken                     

      Fajitas Quesadillas

   (cooked with onions,peppers and tomato)



     Special Shrimp Quesadilla   

     Filled with shrimp,cheese and beans

 with gauacamole saldad


                           Special Quesadilla                         

                                                            Filled with beef or chicken or spinach                                                                                            or mushroom,with cheese and beans                            

served with guacamole salad


   Quesadilla Mexicana

Beef or chicken with guacamole salad

choice of rice or beans


                                                       Puerto Nuevo Special Quesadilla

12-inch flour tortilla with grilled steak,chicken,shrimp and vegetables

 served with rice or beans,lettuce,tomatoes,sour cream and guacamole








      Chicken Fajitas            Steak Fajitas           Shrimp Fajitas          Pork Fajitas           


   Fajitas Combo                 Fajitas Texanas              Fajitas del Mar            Puerto Nuevo Fajitas

   Steak and Chicken                   Steak,Chicken and Shrimp           Scallops,Fish and Shrimp         Pork,Steak,Chicken and Shrimp





  • A–One beef burrito,one cheese enchilada,one tostada with beans and nacho cheese.

  • B–One cheese enchilada,one chalupa and beans.

  • C–One bean burrito,one  cheese quesadilla and one chalupa.

  • D–One bean tostaguac,one cheese enchilada and rice.

  • E–One bean burrito with nacho cheese,one cheese quesadilla and one cheese enchilada.




  1. One taco,rice and beans.

  2. One enchilada,rice and beans.

  3. One burrito and one taco.

  4. One quesadilla and rice.

  5. Chicken fingers and french fries.

  6. One hot dog and french fries.

  7. One cheeseburger and french fries.






All fajitas cooked with pepper,onions and tomatoes,served with salad,rice,beans and flour or corn tortillas.

Available for one or two people portions.



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