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Regular Margarita

Made with house tequila,

triple sec and margarita mix



Top Shelf Margarita

Made with Top Shelf Tequila,

triple sec,Gran Gala liquour and margarita mix

Puerto Nuevo Margarita

 Made with premium tequila,Cointreau,

fresh lime juice,Grand Marnier and

margarita mix

Texas Margarita

Made with J Cuervo tequila

Gran Gala liqueur and

margarita mix


Organic Margarita

Made with Don Juilo Tequila,Cointreau,

Grand Marnier,fresh orange and lime juice

and organic agave nectar

Flamingo Margarita

Made with Cazadores tequila,X-Rated

fussion liqueur,strawberry pure,and

margarita mix

Iguana Margarita

Made with Margaritaville tequila,

Midori melon liqueur,sweet and sour mix

and margarita mix

Blue Demon Margarita

Made with 30-30 tequila,Blue Curaco,

Triple sec,sweet and sour mix and

lime juice

Rose Margarita

Made with Tequila Rose,Jose Cuervo

tequila,half and half and sweet

vainilla cream

Maria Felix Margarita

Made with Patron XO tequila

Baileys,half and half and

Mexican cookie on the rim

Flavored Margarita

StrawberryMangoGuavaLuloTamarindoPineappleWatermelonTangerinePapayaPassion FruitSoursopBlackberry


Supreme Tequilas

Gran Patron BurdeosPatron PlatinumDon Julio RealDon Julio 1942Jose Cuervo Platino


Premium Tequilas

Patron Silver,Patron Reposado,Patron Añejo,Patron XO,Don Juilo Silver,Don Julio Reposado,Don Julio Añejo,


Cabo Wabo Silver,Cabo Wabo Reposado,Cabo Wabo Añejo,Herradura Reposado,Herradura Silver,


Milagro Reposado,Milagro Silver,Espolon Reposado,Espolon Silver,Avion Siver,Corzo Silver,


Luna Azul Reposado,Luna Azul Silver,Tres Generaciones Añejo,Corazon Silver.


Top Shelf Tequilas

1800 Reposado,1800 Silver,Hornitos Reposado,Hornitos Silver,Familia Camarena Reposado,Familia Camarena Silver,

Cazadores Reposado,Cazadores Silver,Ultimo Agave Silver.


Regular Tequilas

Jose Cuervo Gold,Jose Cuervo Silver,Jose Cuervo Black,Margaritaville Gold,Margaritaville Silver,

El Jimador Reposado,100 Años Reposado.


House Tequilas

Sauza Gold,Sauza Silver,Sauza Blue,Aristocrat Gold.


Import Beer

Corona Extra,Corona Light,XX Amber,XXLager,ModeloSpecial,NegraModelo,CartaBlanca,Tecate



Domestic Beer

Michelob Ultra,Michelob Light,Michelob Lager,Miller High Life,Miller Lite,Budweiser,Coors Light,Bud Light.


Draft Beer 

XX Amber,Modelo Special,Blue Moon,Coors Light,Sky Town,Bud Light.



Little Bandit

Licor43,Peactree,Passion Fruit Pure,

Cranberry Juice and Pineapple Juice

Pama Bay Breeze

Pama Pomegranate Liqueur,Cranberry Juice,

Lime Juice and Pineapple Juice

Tuaca Whiskey Punch

Tuaca Liqueur,Jack Daniel's,Orange

Juice and Cranberri Juice

Southern Hurricane

Sothern Comfort,Sweet and Sour Mix,

Grenadine,Cranberri and Pineapple Juice

Nu Berry

Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur,Ciroc Red Berry Vodka,

and Cranberry Juice

Hpnotiq Lei

Coconut Rum,Mango Rum,Banana

Rum,Hpnotiq and Pineapple Juice






      Disaronno Sunrise                                Limoncello Cooler                         Canton Pimm's Cup

  Disaronno,Pineapple Juice,Orange                            Caravella Limoncello Liqueur and                      Domaine de Canton,Pimm's No.1

              Juice and Grenadine                                                   Cranberry Juice                                                  and Ginger Ale


     X-Rated on the Beach                                    Capi Maria                             The Leblon Capirinha

 X-Rated Fusion Liqueur,Peach Schnapps,        Tia Maria Liqueur,Apple Juice,Pear Juice        Leblon Cachaca,Superfine Sugar          Pineapple Juice and Sprite                                       and Lime Juice                                    and Lime Wedges


    Chambord Limonade                            B&B Chocolat Pharaoh                         Apple Soda

   Ketel One Vodka,Chambor Liqueur,                          B&B Liqueur,Disaronno Amaretto                    Drambuie Liqueur,Apple Juice,

                 and Lemonade                                                and Godiva White Chocolate                               Soda Water and Lime


                                                                                                 ​Love Junk

                                                           ​Midori Melon Liqueur,Peach Schnapps and Apple Juice



                                                                      Classic Cocktails 

             Long Island Ice Tea,Tequila Sunrise,Amaretto Sour,Rum and Coke,Cosmopolitan,Gin and Tonic,Screwdriver and 50 More 




Frozen Drinks

              Rum Runner                                      Piña Colada                                      Blue Bayou

  Captain Morgan,Orange Juice,Grenadine       Malibu Coconut Rum,Malibu PIneapple Rum,             Vodka,Blue Cuaraco,pineapple   

         and Creme of Banana Liqueur                 Captain Morgan, and Malibu Piña Colada Mix               juice and grapefruit juice


           Florida Orange                           Cuervo Tropical Dream               Bailey's Banana Colada

   Captain Morgan,cream of coconut and          Jose Cuervo Gold,Smirnoff,Pineapple Juice,       Bailey's Irish Cream,Malibu Coconut

                             orange juice                               Orange Juice and Cream of Cococnut                       Rum and Banana Mix



StrawberryMangoGuavaLuloTamarindoPineappleWatermelonTangerinePapayaPassion FruitSoursopBlackberry



Vodka MartiniGin MartiniDirty MartiniDry MartiniApple Martini,Mango MartiniRaspberry MartiniPromegranate Martini


   X-Rated Martini                             Pama Pomegranate Martini                     Maya Martini

 X-Rated Liqueur,Stoli Vodka,                        Pama Pomegranate Liqueur,Absolut Vodka                 Don Julio Tequila,Orange Juice,

 Pineapple and Cranberry Juice                                      and Gran Gala Liqueur                                     Lime Juice and Agave Nectar


 Asian Pear Martini                            Special Chocolat Martini                  Red Velvet Martini

Domaine de Canton,Pear Vodka                          Godiva White Chocolat,Stoli Vodka,            Godiva White Chocolat,Vainilla Vodka

       and Fresh Pear Juice                                           Bailey's and Frangelico                                      and Chanteau Monet Liqueur



Bacardi Superior,Bacardi Limon,Bacardi Añejo,Bacardi Solera,Bacardi Select,Bacardi Gold,Bacardi 8,Captain Morgan,

Captain Morgan Bite,Captain Private Stock,Pirat XO Reserve,Cruzan Black Strip,Appleton Special,

Myers Rum,Malibu Coconut,Malibu Mnago,Malibu Banana,Malibu Islan Melon



The Macallan 12,The Glenlivet,Dewars 12,The Dumple Pinch,Buchannas 12,Jameson,J&B,Johnnie Walker Red,

Johnnie Walker Black,Johnnie Walker Green,Crown Royal,Crown Royal Black,Crown Royal Reserve,

Jim Beam,Maker's Mark,Jack Daniel's,Maker's Mark 46,Jack Daniel's Single Barrel,

Gentleman Jack,Baker's,Woodford,Booker's,Knob Creek,Wild Turkey,

Seagream's 7,Canadian VO



Grey Goose,Ketel One,Belvedere,Vox,Ciroc,Stoli,Absolut,Ciroc Red Berry,Smirnoff,Three Olives,Absolut Peppar,Absolut Citron,

Absolut Kurant,Absolut Mandarin,Absolut Vainilla,Absolut Raspberri,Absolut Peach,Absolut Pear,

Absolut Mango,Absolut Berri Acai,Absolut Wild Tea,Absolut Orient Apple



Tanqueray,Bombay,Tanqueray Ten,Bombay Shapire,Tanqueray Rangpur,Beefeater,Hendrick's



Courvoisier VSOP,Remmy Martin1738,Martell VSOP,Remmy Martin VSOP,Hennessey



Presidente,St.Remmy VSOP,Raynal VSOP,Don Pedro,E&J,Christian Brothers



Bailey's,Amarula,Cafe Lolita,Tia Maria,Tuaca,Godiva White Chocolat,B&B Dom,Frangelico,Licor 42,Sambuca,Absente,Pernod,

99Bananas,99Peach,99Apples,Chanteau Monet,Barenjager,Drambuie,Southern Comfort,Campari,Chambord,

Rumple MInze,Goldschalger,Grand Marnier,Cointreau,Disaronno,Midori,Caravella Limoncello,

X-Rated,Nuvo,Pama,Domaine Canton,Leblon Cachaca,Hpnotiq




































House Wines

(Sycamore Lane Brand)

Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot,Pinot Grigio,Chardonnay,White Zinfandel


Select Wines

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay,Francis Coppola Zinfandel,14 Hands Merlot,Hess Sauvignon Blanc,Hess Cabernet Sauvignon


Others Wines

Yago Sangria,Inglenook Burgundy,Corbett Canyon Pinot Noir

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