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Served 11:00am to 2:30 pm Monday to Saturday only.After 2:30 pm Additional $1.00 .No Sunday lunch specials

Lunch Special No.1                                                                    Lunch Special No.6 

One chile relleno,one taco,beans and guacamole salad                      One enchilada,one chile relleno and rice

Lunch Special No.2                                                                    Lunch Special No.7

One beef burrito,rice and beans                                             One chicken or beef quesadilla rice and beans

Lunch Special No.3                                                                    Lunch Special No.8

One enchilada,rice and beans                                                 One fried chicken chimichanga riace and beans

Lunch Special No.4                                                                    Lunch Special No.9

One enchilada,rice and beans                                                         One burrito deluxe,rice and beans                         Lunch Special No.5                                                                    Lunch Special No.10

One burrito,one taco and rice                                                   One cheese steak burrito,choice rice or beans







                                                    El Burro de la Roqueta                                                       

One flour tortilla filled with delicious grill chicken

and topped with melted cheese,ranchero sauce,

pico de gallo and choice rice or beans


Lunch Fajitas

Chicken or Beef


Coctel de Camaron

Lunch portion of shrimp cocktail with

chopped avocado,green peppers,onions,tomatoes and cilantro


Filete de Pescado

One frilled tilapia fillet

served with rice and grilled veggies


Huevos Rancheros

Ranch style eggs topped with Mexican sauce

served with rice,bean and tortillas


Huevos Mexicanos 

Eggs cooked with onions,peppers and tomatoes 

and served with rice,beans and tortillas


Chicken Soup with Rice



Served with French Fries or Baked Potato (when available) and Garden Salad 


Catfish Platter     Oyster Platter     Scallop Platter     Fish Platter     Shrimp Platter

                                                                                                                                 Ocean Pearch                                             

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