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La Favorita

One special burrito,one mixed tostaguac

and one chicken enchilada



La Mejor

One chalupa,one burrito and one chile relleno


La Superior

One beef burrito and one chile relleno

served with rice and beans



El Combo

One chalupa,one chile relleno,one enchilada,

one taco,and one beef burrito served with

rice and beans



Enchiladas Super Rancheras

Five different enchiladas-one beef,one chicken,one beans,

one shredded beef and one cheese.All topped with

cheese,lettuce,tomatoes,sour cream and ranchero sauce

  1. One taco,two enchiladas and rice or beans.

  2. One taco,one enchilada and one chalupa.

  3. One enchilada,one taco and one chile relleno.

  4. One taco,one enchilada and one  tostada with cheese and beef.

  5. One beef and one cheese enchilada,rice and beans.

  6. One beef enchilada,one taco,rice and beans.

  7. One enchilda,one enchilada,rice and beans.

  8. One enchilada,one tamal,rice and beans.

  9. One quesadilla,one chalupa and rice.

  10. Three tacos,rice and beans.

  11. One burrrito,one taco and one enchilada.

  12. One chalupa,one chile relleno and beans.

  13. One burrito,one chile relleno and beans.

  14. One burrito,one enchilada and one tamal.

  15. One chalupa,one taco and one tostada with nacho cheese.

  16. One chalupa,one chile relleno and one enchilada.

  17. One chile relleno,one taco and one chalupa.

  18. One burrito,one taco,rice and beans.

  19. One chile relleno,one quesadilla and rice.

  20. One taco and one burrito.

  21. One taco,one burrrito and chalupa.

  22. One tostaguac,one chile rellleno and one taco.

  23. One chalupa,one burrito and one tamal.

  24. One chalupa,one burrito and beans.

  25. One burrito,one enchilada,rice and beans.

  26. One burrito,one enchilada and one chile relleno.

  27. One taco,one chalupa,rice and beans.

  28. Two burritos and choice of rice or beans.

  29. One fried burrito,rice and beans.

  30. One burrrito,one echilada and one chalupa.

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